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    RULES! for now

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    RULES! for now Empty RULES! for now

    Post by kairos on Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:26 pm

    Eto na po yung mga rules nagagamitin natin para sa forum na ito. Dahil sa mga pabagon-bagong mga suggestion ay baka mabago, madagdagan o mabawasan yung mga rules.

    1) Read up before asking

    1a) Use the search function before posting. Ayaw naman nating magkaroon ng maraming SPAM topics di ba??

    2) Be nice to each other and respect the moderator. Ayaw mo naman atang ma-ban di ba o anumang mangyari sa'yo noh?


    4) No warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content! Pangit ang Plagia noh!

    5) Keep the size of personal images down.

    6) Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention.

    7) Do not send questions pertaining to topics of discussion on this board via personal messages or email to Moderators or Admins, they will be ignored.

    8. Don't post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don't post. Kung gusto mo talagang mag-post kahit di mo alam eh di baka may mangyari sayong masama.

    9) Dalawa ang pwede nating forum language. English and tagalog kaso bawal ang sticky CAPS like this: BaWaL yUng GaNTo!

    10) Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion/e-mail ban/IP ban.

    11) Adultery is a sin

    12) Instructions by the moderator team are to be followed.

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